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Hey all! I’ve collected some random resources for you to enjoy while we are all getting cozy on our couches for the foreseeable future. I’m sharing this because some of you might feel better with more ‘design stuff’ to do and see during this time.

However, this is a collective crisis.

So don’t pressure yourself or beat yourself up. It was hard enough finding that first design role after the course, even before we got all locked in. If baking biscuits is what would help you to cope right now, then do that. I did that yesterday, and they taste great.

I have been around IxDA for quite a while now. When living in Geneva, I used to take the train to Lausanne for the local meetups–one of the few occasions during my masters where my not-so-perfect French skills were not a hindrance, and I could hear francophones struggling with English! (Just kidding. Sort of.)

When I moved to Berlin, I kept going to meet with new, occasionally old friends. So to say that I was delighted when I got the email starting with “Congratulations Julia! Your talk, “Attentive Design–A quest for a sustainable model of attention”, has been selected as…

The PCB’s from Geneva

When we started the work in Shenzhen, we made a quick planning about where we wanted and could get with ShuQi. And even though life happened, we advanced well enough. Our dedicated workplace was x.factory, sometimes Seeed Studio (mostly for the engineers), and we also used the hotel room, which seemed as huge as a ballroom after experiencing the matchbox-like spaces of Hong Kong.

Looking for the karaoke place

Well, Shenzhen is a whole different taste of crazy, but still easy to manage. Many people speak enough English for our survival, as this city is full of immigrants–from China. We couldn’t meet one person who was born here, as Shenzhen had a population of 30,000 until it became a Special Economic Zone in 1980. Now it’s 18 million and growing. Compared to Hong Kong, it was nice to stretch my arms without breaking anyone’s nose. And the English food names became much more creative, like fragrant grandmother, piece of child and my favourite: frozen lime music. …

As the plans of the whole CHIC was changing day by day, we ended up visiting Makerbay twice. Luckily if I would have had to pick a place to visit twice, I would have picked this one. First time it was just Tabea and me, snooping around, trying to distract some people from their work so that we could learn about the place and the projects they are doing, the second time it was having drinks, pizza, some networking and our first public pitch.

The HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) campus was quite unlike any university campus I have stayed at. First of all, we used 3 elevators between the bed and the breakfast, each of them spanning 10 floors, and some walking in between. The whole journey took 13 minutes. And then 2 escalators to the bus. The upside of these daily journeys was the view of the sea at all times. …

It was not easy to leave Thailand, one could easily spend 3 months traveling (or 1 month just eating) across the country. However, this was not what got us there, but CHIC, so we started to prepare mentally for the next, very different journey, and boarded the plane to Hong Kong.

I love how accidental relationships, acquaintances change during travel, as it happened with G. who luckily left Bangkok for Chiang Mai later than us and brought the content of T’s locker after us careless girls. Or J., who is nearing the end of a world tour and knew much more than us as a practicing Buddhist about the symbols and meanings in temples, and how Ganesha and Buddha can share the same ground in peace.

On leaving Bangkok, we finally managed to catch a real public bus to the minivan for Bang Saen, where stopping the bus is just extra precaution for getting on and off, but not necessary. After correcting the tiny hiccup that the minivans leave from a different place than advised, we slept very well on the way.

Bang Saen is the closest beach to Bangkok, easy distance by car, the Balaton of Budapest. Which meant we were practically the only whites around among wealthier locals and the students of a fairly good university.

Julia Racsko

Interaction designer, TA @ironhackber, Berliner, @ixdconf speaker, @HeadMediaDesign. Focusing on attention and emotional intelligence. 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇮🇹🇭🇺

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